Ainars Klavins

Ainars Klavins

CEO, CEO Overly, Latvia

Augmented Reality expert - AR is an amazing technology and I see a huge future for it, that is why I have Jumped All in on this technology. While working on AR for more than 7 years and stretching its boundaries, I have gained deep knowledge on what AR is capable of now and what will close the future bring. Happy to be part of the future and have the opportunity to shape it.


Overly has been developing AR solutions for 6+ years and has pushed its boundaries - we are brave enough to say that we have failed a lot, but most importantly that we have succeeded much much more than failed. Either way, we have learned a lot about AR and we are ready to share our knowledge and expertise - we know how to most of it, where and how to use it to gain the best possible results.rnrnAR has always been a luxury – available only to big-budget corporations. We want to change that. We put the tools into the hands of the people – to make our lives easier, more fun, and most importantly – more effective. We have noticed that people and companies want to use this technology. They just feel like it’s out of their reach. That’s why we developed the Overly app – to let every small and medium-sized business create their own augmented reality. Even for individuals who want to make their own cool event invitations.rnrn


Artilerijas street 3-k2 LV-1001 Rīga Latvia
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