SIG 13

XR Games


Ricard Gras (Chair of SIGGRAPH Asia)


VR and AR videogames have played a pivotal role when it comes to the popularisation of XR. As the industry matures, XR game creators continue to explore with new ideas and paradigms even though access to valuable information on standards, models and case studies is hard to come by. In addition, today’s landscape presents a fragmented picture (not just because of the amount of HMD’s on offer) but also in terms of distribution models. Content-wise, as we see from the popularisation of casual games and eSports to the success of AAA titles, the XR games segment is showing extraordinary diversity.

The members of the SIG “XR Games” explore, share and discuss how XR Games can be (better) conceptualised, produced and distributed. The background of its members is multi-disciplinary in nature. The SIG welcomes professionals (both involved in manufacturing and software development), academics and art practitioners. The areas of focus will include (but not be limited to):

– Gamification/game design
– Concept art/pre-visualisation & graphics
– Animation and MoCap/VolCap – Development/coding
– Game writing
– UX and locomotion
– QA & localisation
– Publishing/distribution (incl. multi-platform distribution, legal templates & pricing)
– Marketing

The SIG aims at connecting with other SIG’s and focus on collecting best practices and resources, promoting relevant events and unifying standards in relation to XR Games and their creation.

Discussion forum

You can access the Slack Forum via the link below: