Victor Pardinho

Victor Pardinho

CEO, Co-Founder and CEO at Sense of Space Sense of Space, Finland

Designer, researcher and developer working together with international studios, artists and research groups with projects presented in several countries. MA in New Media Design and Production, at Aalto University (FI). Researcher in immersive technology since 2011. Co-founder and CEO of Sense of Space, building tools for the future of immersive 3D content creation based on volumetric video and real-time engines.

Sense of Space

Sense of Space is a software company established in 2019 that aims to develop digital tools for immersive content creation, enabling the development of state-of-the-art immersive experiences for VR, AR and Web platforms. Sense of Space brings new and easier-to-use software solutions for the creation and authoring of immersive digital content with a focus on volumetric video and real-time engines, opening new opportunities for audiovisual and content creation professionals that do not possess the expertise of a game development workflow, or the high-cost and resources needed for such productions. Our software solutions provide a faster, lower-cost and tailored way of creating immersive 3D content that is realistic and closer to the audiovisual and creative needs and ways of production. Visit us at:


Aleksis Kiven katu 4-8 00500 HELSINKI Finland
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