Victor Genin

Victor Genin

CTO, COO Librimind, Israel

Tech Entrepreneur, Maker, Co-founder of Librimind. I have a true passion for artificial intelligence, hacking and user experience. Founded several companies over the past 15 years, failed in most, succeeded in some, enjoyed every step of the way.


Librimind’s suite of products and services, solving production challenges by creating a Digital Assistant, delivering alerts, AI-driven Intelligent recommendations and Remote Work Opportunities to optimise the production processes offering remarkable ROI. Our solutions and services are built on a foundation of data science and machine learning, with the vision to catalyze a positive change in the industrial world and bring a productive, sustainable and cost-efficient operation. Librimind delivers a comprehensive, proven and tested set of capabilities for rapidly changing industrial environment focusing on production, remote operation and operational costs targets. In Librimind we help industrial companies to meet production targets safely and sustainably.


Jabotinsky 33 5251107 Ramat Gan Israel
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