Sandor Kolumban

Sándor Kolumbán

CEO, Founder and CEO Exliteron Ltd., Romania

I am a software engineer with a PhD in computer sciences and with 15+ years of experience as software architect and developer of market leader products.rnAs an entrepreneur I owned and managed a small outsourcing software development company in Hungary, which I sold after almost ten years.rnNow I am concentrating on my new software company, this time developing a product of my own, Exliteron Ltd.rn

Exliteron Ltd.

We are building a software product that allows companies delivering robotization solutions to demonstrate the end result of a project in a tangible way, thus increasing the willingness of their customers to follow through with their investment plans. The current state of the art for presenting robotization solutions for prospective customers is by means of computer simulations, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. rnOur solution takes data from the computer simulations and creates an augmented reality scene at the actual location of the project, allowing to customer to see the end result as it would function once realized.


II. Rákóczi Ferenc 84 535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania
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