Robert Siegel

CEO, CEO door2solution software gmbh, Austria

My company, door2solution software gmbh, and our team are focused on interactive spare parts catalog solutions based on STEP models from CAD/PLM. VR and AR absolute makes sense to our customers in the area of vehicle- and machinery industry. We have launched prototypes and concepts, but our Main business is not VR and AR that far which might change. rnrnLooking forward for partners and intetesting discussions with the community.rnrnSee and click on the VR headset icon

door2solution software gmbh

We are specialized in WebGL based on CAD formats such as STEP and have put our Main docus on WebVR. Supporting HMDs such as Oculus or Vive. Focus is VR sales and VR maintenance for complex maschineries.


Döblinger Hauptstrasse 7 1190 Vienna Austria
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