Peter Antoniac

Peter Antoniac

CTO, CTO, Co-founder Augumenta Ltd., Finland

PhD. in AR from University of Oulu, Finland in 2005. Co-founded Augumenta in 2012, a company that bridges enterprise's workers with digital-twin data using Augmented Reality (AR). Manages couple of products and projects involving AR smartglasses helping workers in different industrial segments. With 3 granted patents and several pending, his innovative work makes IT less obtrusive and more accessible to factory workers around the globe. The ultimate goal is to exploit AR technology in industry.

Augumenta Ltd.

Augumenta develops intuitive and interactive augmented reality applications and tools for enterprises. Our application suite offers enterprises new ways to control and monitor operations, get a hold of the IoT data and train a highly skilledrnworkforce. With user-friendly apps and easy to use customization tool we offer a fast and cost-efficient way to deploy industrial AR today.


Elektroniikkatie 3 90590 Oulu Finland
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