Pekka Qvist

Pekka Qvist

Employee, Manager, UI and Usability Engineering NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions, Finland

Pekka Qvist is a UI and Usability Engineering Manager in the NAPCON unit of Neste Engineering Solutions. He has 20 yr of experience in software development and information systems, with 10 yr of expertise in virtual learning environments, educational games and gamification of learning, focusing on higher education and adult education. He has published more than 15 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles in the fields of virtual reality, eLearning, simulations and learning analytics.

NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions

The world is full of production plants that are not even remotely as efficient as they could be. Don’t let your plant be one of them. NAPCON introduces a unique series of solutions that will put all your hidden potential to use. We use artificial intelligence to help you find and utilize powers you didn’t know existed.rnrnNAPCON unlocks the hidden value found in your company’s big data. We simplify your decisions making process by streamlining your material and product flow as well as discover your optimal production capacity and pair it with an equivalent cost efficiency strategy. NAPCON is in the business of increasing your company’s profitability through necessary tweaks and in addition makes sure to lower your company’s environmental impact in the process.


Puutarhakatu 53 20100 Turku Finland
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