Ondrej Kurecka

Ondřej Kurečka

CEO, Chief financial officer and member of the board POCKET VIRTUALITY, Czech Republic

My name is Ondřej Kurečka. I graduated in Finance. After few years in collective investment industry, I moved to private equity. Nowadays work partly for one investment boutique, partly as a CFO of inovative AR start up Pocket Virtuality. Among other things Pocket Virtuality is developing worldwide unique remote presence platform. rnrnI would like to establish cooperation of our company with other partners, to move European AR forward.


Pocket Virtuality is a Czech start-up developing worldwide unique systems in AR and VR for variety of industries and urban planning:rnFata Morgana - a remote presence platform facilitates cooperation in distant areas. The system scans the environment and produces its virtual representation in real time. This virtual venue can be joined and shared by other users from remote locations. Fata Morgana facilitates collaboration of these users both with one another and with the person in the real environment. The advantages over “remote assistance” include the ability to work offline and a more natural spatial orientation.rnHoloobserver - augments real objects, models or environment with additional holograms. This augmented reality view can be shared by multiple users simultaneously. The holograms are automatically aligned to the environment.rnHoloTable - a combination of the latest holographic technology and a large touch screen. A holographic model is shown above the the touch sc


Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3 16000 Prague 6 Czech Republic
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