Merih Arikkok

Merih Arikkök

Employee, AR/VR Account Manager MeKiwi, Finland

Customer-centric, solutions person with “can-do” attitude.rnI have experience in both customer experience for B2C and account management in B2B so this helps me build the best solutions for my clients and ensure their needs are met. I am interested in providing custom AR/VR software for businesses.rnI spend my time thinking about ways to utilize technology and improve businesses, simplify processes and add value. I don’t find clients for our solutions, but find solutions for our client needs.


MeKiwi brings innovative software design and development with passion and an entrepreneurial attitude. Our core competencies include mobile development, web-based solutions, cloud services, gamification, VR game development, and custom AR/VR software development for businesses and consumers.


Isokatu 56 90100 Oulu Finland
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