Massimiliano Camillucci

Massimiliano Camillucci

Freelance, IT Developer Massimiliano Camillucci, Italy

Massimiliano is a freelance IT consultant focused on Digital innovation and new Technologies for both SME’s, Public Administrations and Non Profit Organisations. Member of the WCF community since 2017, works as a freelance developer and consultant since 2018. He worked as UI/UX Designer, Project Manager, Software Analyst in within IT Services and Digital Entertainment companies. Since 2017 he’s studying and developing XR solutions for Marketing and Edutainment.

Massimiliano Camillucci

360°Storytelling develops Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to transform handmade “Made In Italy” productions into digital businesses. 360°Storytelling develops: VR Video Storytelling, AR product marketing, 3D scan of handmade products, 3D printing client’s anatomical model, Custom e-commerce solutions.


Via XXV Aprile 9 61039 San Costanzo Italy
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