Manuel Oliveira

Manuel Oliveira

CEO, Director KIT-AR, United Kingdom


KIT-AR solution is an industrial AR system that combines augmented reality (AR) with machine learning (ML) to provide tailored step-by-step instructions and information directly to shop-floor workers. The system monitors the worker and their environment through strategically placed sensors. Based on the collated information, KIT-AR uses contextual models to assess and determine what level of support is required by the worker and adapts dynamically to the situation thus ensuring the workers conduct their job in the most efficient manner whilst reducing the unplanned downtime caused by human error. rnAdditionally, KIT-AR supports managers with insights gained from all the gathered data to identify process improvement opportunities, e.g., by analysing performance variations across different steps (revealing problem areas in the process) and process variants (before/after comparison)


Wessex Gardens 27 NW119RS London United Kingdom
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