Jeffrey Harris

Jeffrey Harris

Researcher, PhD Student University of Utrecht (Attention Lab), Netherlands

My name is Jeffrey Harris and I am a German/American Ph.D. student at the Attention Lab at the University of Utrecht researching attention and presence using XR and other adjacent technologies. I live in Berlin, Germany and have a background in user experience, cognitive psychology, and psychophysiology. My goal is to create an actionable and practical framework for measuring and implementing presence in order to make it a useful tool for research and for the industry.

University of Utrecht (Attention Lab)

At the research lab, we are developing a framework for measuring, tracking and using the feeling of presence in virtual environments. In order to do so, we are conducting experiments in order to understand how to implement such a tool and define more practical use cases. The goal is to make our tool accessible for every developer building experiences by using game engines as our primary platform. By importing our tool as a plugin we are integrating presence measurement at the earliest stages of development. We also aim to make the tools data available to the rest of the game. This way the data can be used as a variable in order to trigger, actions, events, and responses based on the users' quality of presence.rnOnce implemented our tool can be used for user tests, user analytics, and scientific research.


Heidelberglaan 8, PO box 80125 8 3508 TC Utrecht Netherlands
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