Luis Miguel Teixeira

Luis Miguel Teixeira

Professor, Prof. Dr. Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Escola das Artes, Portugal

PhD in Eletronic Engineer and Computer Science from University of Porto. Coordinator of Master in Creative Industries Management. Researcher at CITAR - Research Center in the fields of Science and Technology of the Arts.

Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Escola das Artes

The Universidade Católica Portuguesa was founded in 1967 and officially recognized in 1971. In 1996, the School of Arts was founded in Porto as a community of students, teachers and qualified professionals. The School of Arts wants to proclaim the presence of art in the various fields of activity and serves as a key element of Portugal's cultural, social and economic development. The Faculty is divided into the following areas: Sound and Image, Arts and Restoration, a Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR) and two service centers (CCD and CCR). Its main tasks are the artistic dissemination of knowledge and culture through quality processes and accredited teaching, as well as research and knowledge transfer to the community.


Rua Diogo Botelho 1327 4169-006 Porto Portugal
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