Vasilapostolos Ouranis

Vasilapostolos Ouranis

Employee, Chief Strategy Officer Quanta & Qualia, Greece

Relentless optimist. Devoted to making our world a better place and turning technological capabilities into meaningful solutions for humanity. Five years of professional experience in business development, consulting and strategic marketing in SAP and Deloitte.

Quanta & Qualia

We aspire of a future that mouse, keyboard and joystick will be replaced by more intuitive input devices unleashing users' creativity. For that reason we develop Magos. Magos is a new technology, integrated into a pair of gloves, which disrupts the state of the art Human Computer Interaction (HCI) devices in immersive technologies. It is positioned as cutting-edge HCI, as a result of its unique sensors, which are connected to every joint and provide 1000x more accuracy than its closest competitor.


Pireos 160 11854 Athens Greece
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