Kelly Peng

Kelly Peng

CEO, CEO & CTO of Kura AR Kura AR, United States

Kelly Peng is the founder, CEO & CTO of Kura AR, building revolutionary augmented reality glasses with customized optical & display systems, that able to do a 150-degree field of view with customized compact microdisplay, which 3X the field of view of Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens. Kura AR raised 1.5 million so far from HTC VIVE, Crunchfund (Tuesday Capital), 1517 Fund, The House Fund, Corning, Hanhai, and angels. Kura AR have over 100K unit LOI.

Kura AR

We’re building Gallium, an AR headset. We have a wider FoV (150°), higher transparency (95%), higher resolution (8K), and higher brightness than any other AR product, and are solving the industry bottleneck that prevents further adoption. We’re launching in 2020 as an enterprise solution, then a consumer model. We’ll cut costs and save time by enabling AR for 3D visualization and training in manufacturing, design, logistics. We’ve raised 1.5M from Tuesday, HTC, UC Berkeley, 1517, and Corning and have 4 patents. We’ve received 200K pre-order requests and have 100+ interested parties and have received inquiries from almost all major companies. Our founding team are experts from MIT and UC Berkeley, with a world-famous optical lead with exit to Intel, a technical lead with exit to Google, and experts who have closed deals with the largest manufacturing, electronics, and logistics companies. Demos UploadVR article


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