Jan-Erik Vinje

Jan-Erik Vinje

CEO, Managing Director Open AR Cloud Association, United States

He is currently leading the effort to establish Open AR Cloud (OARC) as a fully operational global organization that aims to steer the direction of AR-cloud technology on a path where it becomes beneficial for all. By the end of 2020 his ambition is that OARC in collaboration with industry partners, the open source community and SDOs like OGC & ETSI can build and demonstrate the core components of a globally scalable, open, interoperable and decentralized Spatial Web!

Open AR Cloud Association

The "Open AR Cloud Association" (OARC) is a global non-profit organization with a mission to drive the development of open and interoperable AR Cloud technology, data and standards to connect the physical and digital worlds for the benefit of all.rnrnOARC believes that AR cloud technology will profoundly change the way we see and interact with each other and our physical surroundings. We are dedicated to creating standards, guidelines, tools, and data required to build a better world. We know that, above all, we must protect & preserve our individual and collective freedoms, privacy, dignity and opportunity…for one and all.


VANCOUVER AVE 6103 N 97217-2161 PORTLAND United States
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