Israel Dotan

Israel Dotan

CEO, CEO MensoMentis, Israel

Israel Dotan is serial media & technology entrepreneur who brings 25 years of experience in leading multi-disciplinary media projects in art, entertainment, education and mental therapy.rnIn 2018 he founded 'MensoMentis' in order to develop an advanced, evidence-based virtual reality platform that aim for mental rehabilitation.


MensoMentis develops a VR platform, providing a new tool for therapists by allowing them to exposerntheir patients to stressful stimuli in a differnt envirements and train them in social interaction.rnTherapist choice of and control over environments.rnTherapist to patient communication within the virtual environment.rnIntegrated bio signals to gauge effectiveness.rn


Hasne street 8 3477210 Haifa Israel
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