Georgios Bourtzos

Georgios Bourtzos

Employee, CEO ShipReality Inc., Greece

Georgios received a BS from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MA from Princeton University in Chemical Engineering, worked in Wall Street for 25 years as a trader for Salomon Brothers and founder of Eworld Fund, a NYC hedge fund. He is the co-founder and CEO of ShipReality Inc. an innovative start-up that develops cutting-edge VR/AR/MR software for the shipping industry to speed up and improve ship design and enable MR assisted MR assisted remote inspections, operations and assistance.

ShipReality Inc.

Our three main products:rn(1) ShipVR: Immersive visualization - design review - training software, using preconfigured untethered VR headsets, for review of ship modification designs prior to order/installation. Several VR headsets can be preconfigured with data of up to 10 ships per headset, enabling multi-user design reviews, interactive walkthroughs, measurements, collaboration and training from anywhere. rn(2) ShipAR: Spatial intelligence software, anchoring data to ship spaces and machinery, thus enabling contextualized data visualization, for automating crew operations such as inspections, remote surveys, maintenance and expert assistance. rn(3) ShipMR: Automation & optimization software for new and retrofit ship designs, converting 2D designs into optimal ones directly in 3D space. A unique breakthrough, that is 10X faster than anything in the market and yields optimized designs. rn


Chalkokondyli Street 13 10432 Athens Greece
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