Christoph Groenegress

Christoph Groenegress

CTO, co-founder, Germany

I am co-founder of where our goal is to use AI for 3D content creation to simplify and accelerate the process of content creation.rnrnMy background is in XR, AI, and Computer Vision. I worked in R&D for several years prior to completing my PhD in MR/VR with Mel Slater. After my postdoc I switched to industry and continued working on those 3 topics for bigger companies such as 3DS or Accenture as well as startups in London and Munich.rn

rnrnHuman visual-spatial intelligence intuitively understands 3 spatial dimensions. Though computing interfaces were initially developed in 2 dimensions, 3D computing is rapidly catching up. We believe 3D computing will become the norm in a few years.rnrnHowever, digital content is still predominantly in 2D. Almost all the content available on the internet is 2D. 3D capture and creation tools are still cumbersome and too technical. It requires 10,000 hours of experience to become a 3D artist.rnrnTo solve this, we are making 3D content creation accessible for everybody. We are building layers of abstractions based on artificial intelligence to make 3D computing more intuitive and less technical.


Tal 44 80331 Munich Germany
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