Alexandrine Stehelin

Alexandrine Stehelin

Employee, Digital officer Institut français , France

Before joining the Institut français (AR/VR/XR, video games, digital mediation, webcreation…) in 2019, Alexandrine produced with Pierre Cattan at Small Bang the scrolling graphic novel Phallaina (2016) and a collective mixed reality experience by Yoann Bourgeois and Michel Reilhac: Fugue VR (2018). As a project manager at Lucid Realities, she’s also accompanied the creation of an installation and VR xp by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster: Endodrome (HTC Vive Arts/Venice Art Biennale/Novelab 2019).

Institut français

The Institut français promotes :rn- French culture internationally, in dialogue with foreign culturesrn- initiatives related to various artistic fields, intellectual engagement, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic cooperationrn- the French language around the world, as well as the mobility of works of art, artists and ideas.rnrnIt makes sure French voices are heard as part of debates taking place in societies around the world, relying on the close link between human and social sciences, public debate and scientific culture. rnrnIt participates in the development of a key sector of the French economy, the cultural and creative industries, by promoting their international availability and visibility.rnrnIt supports innovators and promotes creativity using digital mediums. It contributes to the international promotion of French talent and expertise, and uses digital technology to serve cultural dissemination.


rue du Capitaine Scott 8-14 75015 Paris France
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