Bouvier Patrice

Patrice Bouvier

CTO, Head of Research, Development & Innovation SYKO studio, France

Patrice Bouvier received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université Paris-Est, France, in 2009. His research focuses on the user experience: sense of presence in virtual reality, engagement in entertaining or learning games. After a post-doctorate at the University of Lyon, he joined XIWEN studio in 2014. For 5 years he will have been R&D and Innovation manager. In January 2020 he co-founded SYKO studio with 2 partners in which he holds the position of CTIO and R&D and Innovation Manager.

SYKO studio

SYKO studio designs and creates hospital and soft skills experiential training products. Experiential training is much more than learning by doing, it is learning by experiencing. It is first and foremost a situation in which the learner makes decisions, makes mistakes, understands and corrects. This, under the trainer’s watchful eye. This first stage of situation setting is then completed by a debriefing phase. The trainer uses the experience to initiate an exchange and reflection by and with the learners. This approach places the two actors, learner and trainer, in a central position in the training. According to the objective, we select the appropriate media such as virtual reality, game or transmedia and propose to simulate reality or to transport through fiction. We use emotions to increase the return on experience.


rue Victor Hugo 5 86000 Poitiers France
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