Bart Hufen

Bart Hufen

CEO, Founder and creative director BrandNewGame, Netherlands

Author of three books, of which one is available in English: a brand new playground, (inter)national keynote speaker about gamification, founder and owner of BrandNewGame. I started my career as product manager for Atari Benelux, worked as channel marketing manager at Diesel Benelux and started my own company in 2009. Since then we have produced more than 20 - often award winning - serious games and gamification systems for clients like Vodafone, Foot Locker, Air France KLM.


We develop gamification products and platforms for clients, schools and government bodies. We are currently looking into a game that can help players to gather more information about their vitality level and health. The game will give insight in your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional state.


Oostzaanstraat 255 1013WJ Amsterdam Netherlands
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