Freelance, Project manager Ascidiacea, France

My master degree in sociology of social media led me to create a network of creative producers in the field of digital and audiovisual arts, based in Paris - France. For the last 4 years, I conducted various type of art and tech projects with application through shows and event, contemporary arts, curation and pedagogical fields. My main interests are based in the social use of media platforms, thus in new media conceived as cultural and communication tools of social and personnal expression.


Ascidiacea is a research and experimentation collective using digital arts as a way to investigate human perception, its sociability and its experience in relation to technology and new media. Our members backgrounds range from academic research in the fields of anthropology, philosophy, sociology and psychology to sound-design, cinema and motion-design.rnrnOur projects take the form of audiovisual interactive and immersive installations, digital scenographies, pedagogic modules and publication of research papers. We seek to investigate in a creative, poetic and prospective way the new forms of sensible virtualities emerging from the encounter of digital tools and human imagination. Our work interrogates, through artistic experimentation, the continuous mutations in our digital humanities in relation to the cultural and political issues they raise.


passage rivière 15 94800 villejuif France
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