Arne van Vliet

Arne van Vliet

CEO, Fundraising consultant BECCA Europe, Netherlands

My professional life is focused on contributing to preserving the arts and making creative works and projects more visible. Whether these are theatre plays, films, music, heritage, visual arts or innovative works.rnrnI believe that culture and arts cross borders, and therefore I work mainly with international projects and organisations. Coming from a small country as The Netherlands, ‘abroad’ is at most only a two-hour drive. It is therefore natural to me to look beyond borders, both geographicall

BECCA Europe

Driven to unlock the power of the culture and creativity for society, BECCA Europe’s goal is to get European cultural and creative projects financed and realised. We are experts in European funding and policy issues: in our Creative Europe fundraising, we have a success rate of over 90%. We work with all disciplines -film, performing arts, music, visual arts, design, heritage, literature- in both the private and public sectors. This includes amongst others the ground-breaking pop music platform ESNS, the Dutch National Library, Europe’s first and largest VOD platform for the LGBTQI+ community OUTtv, the most immersive VR conference in Europe VR Days, innovative digital solutions provider Ticketing Group, as well as grassroots literary agency Wintertuin and community theatre company ZID. Many other organisations have benefited from our research and consultancy activities. We work closely with partners to provide a complete solution for getting European creative project up and runnin


Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat 486 1216 CE Hilversum Netherlands
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