Ninja Mueller

Ninja Mueller

CEO, Founder of Cyan Planet - XR for marine conservation Cyan Planet, Germany

Born 1994 in Germany. Environmental Scientist, Marine Biologist, Director, Producer. VR experiences: “One day as a researcher” (2019, director and producer) “How is the water” (in production, selected for La Biennale College Cinema VR 2019, director and producer)

Cyan Planet

We raise empathy for marine life.rnrnEXPERIENCE the underwater world through immersive media and 360 videos.rnUNDERSTAND the connections and global importance of life in our oceans.rnACT for protection and conservation of the marine environment.rnrnOur mission is to produce immersive media that evokes empathy for our oceans using the power of virtual reality, to educate about the science of marine ecosystems, and to spark action in support of marine conservation. rnEvery little action has an impact. Conscious choices in daily life can make a difference for a whole ecosystem. With immersive media, we take you on a journey underwater and let you experience the threats for healthy oceans, as well as the efforts that are taken to conserve the marine world.


Münchener Str. 6 82110 Germering Germany
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