SIG 14

XR for Sustainability


Géraldine Fauville (Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, USA)


Human activities have tremendous negative impacts on the Earth which, in turn, threatened the survival and well-being of the Earth inhabitant.

Most environmental issues are invisible to the human eyes and its consequences will be felt far away in time or space, making it physiologically distant from our everyday life and abstract. XR allow for visualization of the impacts of our everyday behavior on the environment as well as make it possible to virtually experience the negative consequences of these environmental issues. As direct experience is more powerful than stats and information, XR should be seen as a key component to addressing environmental issues.

The aims of the SIG XR for Sustainability are to build a community of stakeholders in order to share ideas, learn from each other, create new projects and build collaboration in order to advance the field of XR for sustainability in Europe and around the world.

Discussion forum

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