Spatial Computing & AR Cloud


Christine Perey (Perey Research & Consulting, Switzerland)


This XR4ALL Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on technologies, products, and services–often collectively referred to as the “AR Cloud”–that alone or together provide value to AR users, based on the principles of “Spatial Computing”. 

The members of this SIG explore how data sets about the real world, and generated by a wide range of technologies, are automatically indexed and accessed, and form the basis for AR experiences.

Members discuss and form strategic partnerships that accelerate the generation of innovative AR Cloud technologies, and the growth of their related business.

Other tangible goals of this SIG include showcases of use cases and demonstrations based on AR Cloud, and initiatives to reduce barriers to the development and adoption of AR Cloud.

A recent video provides an introduction to the fascinating world of Spatial Computing and AR Cloud, which are poised to revolutionize our lives in a way that even experts cannot fathom today.

Discussion forum

You can access the Slack Forum via the link below: