SIG 12

XR for social interaction


Pablo Cesar (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) & TU Delft, The Netherlands)


This XR4ALL Special Interest Group (SIG) explores the opportunities opened by Extended Reality (XR) for remote social interaction and communication. The SIG is in particular interested on the technological challenges, the evaluation protocols and metrics, the interaction techniques including multi-sensory approaches, and the ethics aspects.

Remote communication allows people who are not physically present in the same location to communicate in real-time, which has many positive societal impacts, such as reducing environmental pollution, travel cost and fatigue, supporting rich collaboration by connecting talented people around the world, brings families closer and improves the availability of high-quality education and healthcare around the world. Social Extended Reality (SXR) invites multiple users to join a collaborative virtual environment, which creates new opportunities for remote communication and social interaction and opens a number of challenges.

Some initial resources include:

Discussion forum

You can access the Slack Forum via the link below: