Tomas Budrys

Tomas Budrys

Employee, Marketing Manager MeetinVR, Denmark

I am an entrepreneurial person driven by creative problem solving, design-thinking, and VR technology. Driving marketing innitiatives at a Danish company called MeetinVR. I have experience in concept development, project management, sales, and content marketing. Always seeking value-adding win-win opportunities for collaboration.


MeetinVR strives to be a leader in the space of enterprise VR collaboration. We have created a brand new universe optimized for business meetings in distributed teams. Innovative, creative, and critical thinking, combined with detail-oriented design and user-centricity result in an exceptional experience appreciated by every client.rnrnThe tool is designed and developed to help businesses improve the quality and effectiveness of their remote collaboration. By leveraging VR technology our clients see a positive effect on their remote work culture, as moving to more connected and engaging meetings, allows them to improve team cohesion. Moreover, our platform helps businesses to eliminate unnecessary travel, reduce their environmental footprint, and reach Sustainable Development Goals.


Fanøgade 37 3 TH 2100 Copenghagen Denmark
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