Robert Wendrich

Robert Wendrich

Researcher, Professor IDE - XRT Rawshaping Technology RBSO | University of Twente, Netherlands

Dr Robert Wendrich is an assistant professor and researcher in the Design, Production and Management Department (DPM) from the Engineering Technology (ET) faculty within the University of Twente. His main research (PhD 2016) focuses on human / robot-machine interaction, idea development, conceptual design, product development processes and design tools. He is the founder of Rawshaping Technology (RST) a research laboratory (2008) in which hybrid (XR / VR / AR / MR) computer-driven interactive de

Rawshaping Technology RBSO | University of Twente

Non-linear, non-explicit, non-standard thinking and ambiguity in design tools has a great impact on enhancement of creativity during ideation and conceptualization. Tacit-tangible representation based on a mere idiosyncratic and individual approach combined with computational assistance allows the user to experiment, explore and manifest their ideas, fuzzy notions and mental images.rnrnOne of the most difficult tasks of individual users is the externalization of tacit knowing, tacit expectations, and meta-cognitive feelings. Simply put, to bring your imagination alive you need encouragement, nudging, decision-making and trigger intuition. In our research we focus on the meta-cognitive aspects of user interaction, user experience, user engagement and tool use wherein the wheels of causality are set off through coincidence, unpredictability and unexpected events.rnrnrn


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