Robert Praxmarer

Robert Praxmarer

CEO, Startup founder Polycular, Austria

Robert Praxmarer is an artist, developer and researcher with 25 years of professional experience. He was heading the department for Computer Games & Augmented Reality at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg for 6 years. Furthermore, he led the Center for Advances in Digital Entertainment Technologies (CADET). In his professional career he worked together with international teams and consulted and produced works for companies such as SAP, Ferrari, Bayer, Siemens, Lufthansa and UEFA.


Education4.0 is a buzzword but current solutions are short-sighted as giving every kid a tablet and some boring eLearning system. The main problem with education for digital natives is to produce and service engaging, attractive and challenging content which lets them discover playfully and make them curious to solve complex problems. Learning is about grit and getting it done. Kids do this while playing computer games all the time and invest a lot of time. With our platform we combine XR, games and learning and put it together in a challenge they all know: an interactive escape room. Our system helps youth and educators alike and makes learning fun again.


Untersbergstr. 7 5411 Oberalm Austria
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