Michal Mocnak

Michal Mocnak

CTO, VFX / XR Supervisor R.U.R., a.s., Czech Republic

Graduate of the Center of Audiovisual Studies at the Prague Academy for Film (FAMU). Former software engineer at Sun Microsystems. Independent filmmaker and visual artist influenced by the gnu manifesto and recently by the aesthetics of mathematical inquiry. Currently he is a visual effects supervisor / cto at the creative postproduction company R.U.R. in Prague.

R.U.R., a.s.

We're a creative postproduction company based in Prague. We combine the skill, experience and resources of a large production house, with the passion, ambition and flexibility of a small studio. This enables to take on projects of all sizes to the highest quality. Our experienced people use the best equipment available to respond creatively to our client's needs as well as our own creative projects. Our skill base and equipment are always evolving to meet the needs of creative industries.


U Pruhonu 1589/13a 17000 Prague Czech Republic
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