Marco Cozza

Marco Cozza

CTO, Chief Technical Officer - Project Manager and Senior SW Engineer 3D Research Srl, Italy

He is a Senior Software Engineer, Project Manager, and CTO at the 3D Research. He received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2015 at the University of Calabria with a thesis entitled “Mining and Recommendation Techniques for museum tours”. He has experience in design and development of interactive applications in Unity 3D. In particular, he has considerable experience in VR and AR applications, mobile applications, serious games, and web applications/services.

3D Research Srl

3D Research is a Spin-Off Company of the University of Calabria. It has considerable experience in the field of CGI, Virtual and Augmented Reality applied to the Cultural Heritage. In particular, the company develops systems and technologies for 3D digitalization of Cultural Heritage both for terrestrial and underwater applications. The digital models, together with other cultural and creative contents (texts, audios, videos), can be used to enhance the visitors’ experience both in-situ (i.e. helping a diver during the exploration of an underwater archaeological site or a tourist during the visit to a museum) and ex-situ, to promote CH destinations and revitalize tourism attractions. Since 2008, 3D Research has offered many services for galleries, museums and other organizations (3D reconstructions of more than 400 finds belonging to Italian and European museums, 3D reconstructions of archaeological sites, both terrestrial and underwater, 3D modeling, digital storytelling, etc.).


P. Bucci 45/C 87036 Rende Italy
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