Leon Schipper

Leon Schipper

CEO, Co-founder & COO Aryzon, Netherlands

Dutch innovator | Design Thinker | As Co-founder and COO of Aryzon® I am in charge of the business & commercial strategy, to make volumetric Augmented Reality available for everyone. In 2017 Aryzon introduced world's first Cardboard of 3D Augmented & Mixed Reality, with great success. I personally want the Aryzon Headsets to add value in terms of 3D AR/MR to help others in some way.


In 2017 Aryzon introduced world's first Cardboard of AR/MR, to lower the threshold to start using the volumetric AR/MR technology. Since science shows the significant added value of volumetric AR/MR over AR via 2D interfaces (displays of tablets, phones, laptops, etc), sharing knowledge via a volumetric way (requiring a headset due to the need of stereoscopic projection), is a true added value for the large group with bad spatial awareness. rnrnObviously this is in the fields of education, company trainings and healthcare/medical.


Sint Andriesstraat 16 3811HT Amersfoort Netherlands
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