keez duyves

keez duyves

Researcher, Artist Inventor PIPS:lab, Netherlands

Keez Duyves is an artist/inventor with a strong affinity with technology. His art is often an invention or ‘new medium’ which challenges the audience to be creative. Keez likes to collaborate with other artists, using technology as glue between disciples. With the PIPS:lab collective he founded in 1999 he created technological theaterplay, concerts, club nights and installations. Painting in 3D has been an ongoing for which he invented technologies using light, paint and motion capture.


PIPS:lab is a Dutch organisation has been pushing the boundariesrnof art, performance and technology since it started in 1999. It consists of an inventor, creative technologists, researchers and performers. It has presented its art installations and performed its highly technological performances all over the world. rnPIPS:lab has pioneered painting in space, with light, AR and VR. Their ‘Half half’ paintings consist of pixels and real paint.rnPIPS:lab likes to work with external artists, and is always looking for collaborations.rnrnWe researched multi perspective storylines, and are developing software for XR scenarios.rn


ndsmplein 25 1033 wc amsterdam Netherlands
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