Jonathan Hale

Jonathan Hale

CEO, co-founder / CEO / developer Vhite Rabbit, Germany

Collected a hobby team "Vhite Rabbit" as a group of up to 15 hobby-based VR game developers in 2013, which would eventually become a team of 6 people plus 2 full-time founders of the company Vhite Rabbit.rnThe company was founded to pursue the vision of the world's first VR browser games portal. A place players would know to go when they wanted to play small, but creative little game ideas that would otherwise not have viability on app stores. We quickly realised big hold-ups in WebVR industry.

Vhite Rabbit

During our work on Construct Arcade -- the world's first VR browser games portal -- we realised that a couple of factors are holding up VR on the web:rnrn - adequate technology: performance is hard to achieve without in-depth knowledge of computer graphics topics or software engineering experience.rn - stability of the WebXR browser API (which is a matter of time to be fixed)rn - awareness of VR on the web and its exposure (i.e. how to find VR content on the web)rnrnWhile we do contract work to finance ourselves, with Construct Arcade, we try to solve the last problem for the games section of VR on the web and additionally, we are working on a solution for the first problem. A tool that will put highly performant rendering on the web for VR and AR in reach for anyone, whether designer or seasoned JavaScript developer.


Blarerstraße 56 78462 Konstanz Germany
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