Johan Oomen

Johan Oomen

Researcher, Head of Research Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands

Johan Oomen is head of Research and Heritage Services at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and researcher at the User-Centric Data Science group of the VU University Amsterdam. Oomen is working on initiatives that focus on digital heritage in all its facets. He has a background in Information Science, Media Studies and Computer Science. His research focuses on the relationship between participatory culture and institutional policy. Johan Oomen has worked for the British Universiti

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision is the leading institute for media in thernNetherlands and one of the largest audiovisual archives in thernworld. It is an inspiring, creative and welcoming meeting placernfor professionals and others interested in the industry; online,rnin our physical museum and sometimes on location. Wernpreserve and provide access to different types of media,rnincluding radio and television programmes, video games,rnwritten print media, political cartoons, GIFs, websites andrnhistorical objects. Sound and Vision is one of the leadingrnauthorities when it comes to providing insight into the Dutchrnmedia landscape and interpreting current developments fromrnthe perspective of media history. We do this with the aim ofrnshowing how media impacts everyday life and in conjunctionrnwith many partners, including creative media makers, brilliantrnexperts, business stakeholders and relevant influencers. In thisrnway, we are helping to build a more media literate


Mediapark 1 1217 WE Hilversum Netherlands
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