Henrik Hellman

Henrik Hellman

CEO, Founder UC360, Netherlands

Several years I managed my own video production company, specialized in short reports. rnIn 2015 I made the choice to 100% focus on VR productions. rnTogether with an engineer, we have built the world's first VR Robot. My goal to create more valuable 360 content.rnSpecialized in 360 content, I have experience in writing and producing of VR Training methods.


To achieve unforgettable 360 experiences, we work together with E.T. -The world’s 1st VR Robot- He is nice, He is cool, but most important he makes fabulous stabilized 360° content that lets you walk through streets or buildings like it’s for real. E.T. is one of the important parts we need to realize realistic VR trainings and VR promotional productions. rnWe serve: Education, corporate, real estate, health- and industry sector.


Blokjesplaat 3 4465BC Goes Netherlands
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