Florian Standhartinger

Florian Standhartinger

CEO, CEO and lead developer productivity-boost.com Betriebs UG & Co. KG, Germany

I am a developer since the age of six, which means I am developing software as a passion, and as a job, since more than 30 years now. rnI have worked as a software developer and software architect for various industry leading companies before becoming self employed in 2014. rnCurrently I am the lead developer of a top of the line business analytics application for a big company (in the DAX30).rnSince a couple of years I am actively developing applications in the VR and AR field.

productivity-boost.com Betriebs UG & Co. KG

I am currently actively working on a concept for an innovative augumented reality system for the hearing imparied. My product aims to provide people, who are not able to understand what others say, live captioning and additional guidance to help these people to take part in everyday social interaction and work.rnMy vision is to create technology that helps human beings and can work as a profitable business case at the same time.


Reichenberger Str. 2 94036 Passau Germany
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