Arthur Schiller

Arthur Schiller

CEO, Founder / AR Designer & Developer Scavengar, Germany


Coming out as the winner of the Product Hunt Global Hackathon 2017 in the Augmented Reality Category the next generation of scavenger hunts is here. If you love AR as much as we do and want to discover a new city or give the lost place around your corner a new, exciting, and techy-twist, you might want to check out if there’s a hunt already awaiting you. If not – create one yourself and let others experience your adventure.rnCollect a variety of items, that realistically reflect their surroundings and gather points to win the game. A more sophisticated feature lies in the tasks and riddles you can solve which are powered by computer vision and machine learning. I.e., finding objects, colors or obstacles within a certain time frame, or answering questions about the memorial which is located in the park nearby.rnThanks to an integrated map, discovering new routes and expeditions is super intuitive and straightforward. Just chose, locate yourself, go!rnrn


Brusendorfer Straße 3 12055 Berlin Germany
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