Anesio Neto

Anesio Rodrigues Silva Neto

CEO, CEO & Founder 3e60 Immersive Solutions, Portugal

I'm just a regular guy with a crush on Marketing, Retail, Technology and Communities! It ain't nothing better than this mix. But please shaken, not stirred. Immersive techs are my most recent passions, so I've been trying to develop tools using mainly VR for business and learning a lot developing events and communities in Brazil and Portugal. Ping me if you wanna share something or If I can help you with some insights from those two communities. rnSee ya!

3e60 Immersive Solutions

We are developers of immersive content for the Real Estate and Tourism market, developing services with virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the user experience. Using images captured to develop immersive VR tour we apply infos and collect data to develop business appliances, enhancing user experience. rnCheck our website and social profiles or more info!


Rua da Carvalha 570 2400-441 Leiria Portugal
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