Alexander Masurovsky

Alexander Masurovsky

Student, Student Assistant Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Germany

I'm interested in learning about how other members of the XR4ALL community would use the technology that our research group is developing. We are an XR4ALL-funded starer project whose aim is to create a Unity plug-in capable of taking in raw heartrate data and transforming it into a form that is meaningful to developers and other back-end users of software that runs on the Unity engine. Please connect with me if this interests you, and if you would be interested in sharing your thoughts.

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Our group is creating a Unity plug-in for the purpose of taking heartrate data from a sensor and turning it into useful information about the state of the user. We take a scientific approach, based in previously validated techniques for pre-processing and detecting features in heartrate data. The middleware component processes the heartrate data and feeds into a realtime monitor and an offline visualizer. With this data, back-end users will be able to gain insight into the emotional state and level of engagement of the application user. This plug-in has potential uses in healthcare, gaming and marketing. Developers can program applications that react to user emotion; VR clinicians can have their sessions enhanced by time-locked, quality data into the patient's emotional state; and marketers can gain insight into which products (displayed in VR) gain their target customers' interest, and why.


Stephanstrasse 1A 04103 Leipzig Germany
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