Workshop CANCELLED- Engineering XR for the Future — Munich, Germany

Due to the rapid outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe, the AREA, ETSI, XR4ALL Programme Committee Members have decided to cancel the event scheduled on 5-6 March 2020, and postpone the event to a later date to be determined .

On the first day, the workshop will focus on interoperability – principles and frameworks, how to design for it and best ways to reap its benefits. Interoperability, in the context of this workshop, is the ability for different information technology components, systems and software applications to communicate and exchange data. The exchange of data permits the users to visualize in context the information that has been exchanged between systems of different providers without translation, conversion or delays. Interoperability is one of the prerequisites for scalability in a diverse and healthy technology ecosystem.

On the second day, participants will collaborate on a new industry research agenda that will shape the direction and funding of research projects in XR in Europe for the next decade. A research agenda is a strategic plan which guides researchers and those who support research through funding. The interactive sessions in this workshop will continue the process of identifying the most pressing areas for future research in XR as expressed by participants, and assess their availability and capacity to support and/or conduct projects in new research domains.

The workshop is free of charge upon mandatory registration and will be conducted in English.

Who should attend

The event will be of particular interest to:

  • engineers, researchers and business analysts supporting XR deployments,
  • XR experience and technology developers,
  • solution providers,
  • network service providers,
  • standards organizations and government agencies.

Why attend

By attending the event, participants will:

  • benefit from unprecedented insights into the use of open and interoperable interfaces and components to ensure that AR and XR technologies will scale up and impact every industry in the next decade 
  • have the opportunity to shape the research agenda that will drive the direction and funding of research projects in XR in Europe for the next decade. 

Participants will learn about the ETSI AR Framework and how to develop clear interoperability requirements which, if/when met will improve their ability to integrate AR into their business and shorten Return on Investment.

Standards Development Organizations will have a more detailed understanding of the customer requirements and, based on those, be able to evaluate if/how their organizations can reduce barriers to AR interoperability.

On the second day, participants will contribute and prioritize the most pressing challenges facing their expansion of XR. By sharing their vision and the obstacles for a bright and open future for XR with others during the workshop, participants will help shape the strategic plan for future public XR research funding in Europe.


This workshop is hosted by Siemens in their conference centre in Munich, Germany. 


Registration is mandatory (subject to room capacity limitation). Please register here [link to ETSI] by the 25th of February. Remote participation will not be offered.


The workshop will feature presentations by leaders of the ETSI ISG ARF, the AREA and the XR4ALL EU-funded project as well as interactive sessions led by experts. 

The detailed programme is available here .

About the AREA

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is the only global, member-driven non-profit organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. Through its Interoperability and Standards program, the AREA seeks to increase knowledge about the benefits and approaches to achieving interoperability and to advance the development of standards or other approaches to interoperability.

About ETSI
ETSI provides members with an open and inclusive environment to support the timely development, ratification and testing of globally applicable standards for ICT-enabled systems, applications and services across all sectors of industry and society.
We are a not-for-profit body with more than 850 member organizations worldwide, drawn from 65 countries and five continents. Members comprise a diversified pool of large and small private companies, research entities, academia, government and public organizations.
ETSI is one of only three bodies officially recognized by the EU as a European Standards Organization (ESO).
Information about ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) Augmented Reality Framework (ARF) is available here.

About XR4ALL

The XR4ALL project is a first initiative by the European Commission to strengthen the European XR/immersive technology industry and to accelerate its growth, connecting startups, companies, researchers and investors (angels, corporates, and VCs) active in XR. The main objectives are to (1) create a pan-European (XR-tech) community, (2) discover existing EU XR technology (3) develop a research agenda, (4) award grants for innovative technology projects and (5) to increase investments & tech transfers to help products reach market.