XR for Digital Heritage Presentation


Selma Rizvić (University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)


This XR4ALL Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on digital presentation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage using XR technologies.  

The members of this SIG explore the advanced methods of presenting cultural heritage objects, crafts, customs and historical events through Virtual and Augmented Reality, miXed Reality, eXtended Reality and interactive digital storytelling.

Members discuss and form strategic partnerships and exchange knowledge gained in their experiences through the open online platform Sarajevo Charter.

The goals of this SIG are to discover the most immersive digital storytelling applications development techniques and provide the maximum edutainment level for the users, who should learn about cultural heritage in an amusing and attractive way.

The iMARECULTURE digital storytelling showreel is an illustration of using digital technologies in underwater cultural heritage presentation.

Discussion forum

You can access the Slack Forum via the link below: