Data Compression for XR


Valérie Allié (Research Technical Area Leader Interdigital, France)


This XR4ALL Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on “data compression” technologies for immersive media access and delivery of volumetric videos with 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF), giving the viewer some degree of motion freedom with corresponding perspective changes (i.e. XR), while keeping the storage/delivery requirements at an acceptable level (far below Terabytes storage and Gigabits per second data rates).

The members of this SIG explore competing approaches, typically ranging from geometric 3D reconstructions (e.g. photogrammetry) to image synthesis (e.g. depth image-based rendering), comparing their respective quality (e.g. absence of uncanny valley effects) and compatibility merits (e.g. using existing broadcasting infrastructure and video codecs) throughout the end-to-end delivery chain. Use cases and requirements will lead to concrete specifications and identify future technology targets. Members discuss and form strategic partnerships to accelerate the development and deployment of coding and streaming technology in the XR ecosystem, in close interaction with coding standardization bodies (e.g. MPEG-I, where “I” refers to “Immersive coding”).

Discussion forum

You can access the Slack Forum via the link below: