From XR4ALL to XR4Europe

XR4ALL is coming to an end in August 2021 and its membership is now closed…


XR4ALL is proud to announce the creation of the XR4Europe association with consortium members and 10 European XR clusters or organisations.

XR4Europe’s objectives are to continue and amplify the actions of XR4ALL, and to be the voice of the XR sector in Europe, to provide its members with services that will help the sector to develop and make our continent more competitive.


  • To access and help raising funding for XR innovation in Europe
  • To access an online Marketplace
  • To access valuable and exclusive information on XR
  • To network with the European XR community
  • To get discounts on European XR Event of XR4Europe and its partners
  • To be at the leading edge of XR insights and trends in Europe
  • To represent the industry in future European regulations
  • To tackle the fragmentation of the European XR industry
  • To be the voice of the label “XR made in Europe” throughout the world


  • Individual or student
  • Company
  • Research Center or academics
  • XR Cluster or association
  • Public body