XR4ALL and partners create XR4Europe

XR4ALL is proud to announce the creation of the XR4Europe association on May 12th. XR4Europe is the pan-European association promoting the whole XR community of the European continent.  It was officially created at the initiative of 12 partners from Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary, including three members of the XR4ALL consortium.

XR4Europe’s objectives are to continue and amplify the actions of XR4ALL, to be the voice of the XR sector in Europe, to provide its members with services that will help the sector to develop and make our continent more competitive.

The website is currently being prepared and XR4ALL members, as well as founding members, will be granted advantageous conditions to become members of XR4Europe.

Stay tuned!

Contact: Maëlle QUEVILLARD