Stanislav Levarsky

Stanislav Levarsky

CEO, Managing director MaSi SLOVAKIA, Ltd., Slovakia

I have successful track record and experience in the technology sector and has been selling advanced technology solutions to enterprise customers for 20 years. I have done business and led sales teams in multiple countries and think I knows the formula. rnrn"Commit to having fun, honesty & authenticity, look to only add value to the people we’re trying to sell to, and HUSTLE. "


IMMEGINE is the state of the art platform to create highly immersive virtual reality trainings in order to train faster, better and cheaper than ever before in a safe and engaging 3D space. Our virtual reality training solutions are designed to satisfy any specific training needs and provide higher levels of engagement and understanding of the training objective. Training benefits are not just a matter of opinion, but are backed by research on learning and training.


Kalinciakova 871/6 09301 Vranov nad Toplou Slovakia
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