Muki Kulhan

Muki Kulhan

CEO, CIO/ Executive Producer & Creative Tech Analyst Muki-International, Ltd , United Kingdom

Muki Kulhan is an award-winning, pioneering Executive Digital XR Producer and keynote speaker with over two decades creating ground-breaking content for music, broadcasting, entertainment, & tech innovation. Formerly MTV, BBC, ITV, & major/indie artists, she now runs her own production company creating Immersive XR experiences and R&D innovation strategies for A-listers such as BOSE, RAINDANCE, SxSW, ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS SPATIAL AUDIO FORUM, and Women in Immersive Tech (WiIT).

Muki-International, Ltd

Muki KulhanrnCIO, Executive Producer rn& Creative Tech Analyst rnMuki-International, Ltd.rnDigital Strategy, Immersive XR Production, Keynote Speaker:rnMusic, Broadcasters & BrandsrnTalk: +44(0)7796-301-149rnTweet: @mukiapprovedrnLink: Muki on LinkedIn


church grove 2 SE137UU London United Kingdom
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